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Clients of Past Perspectives

Past Perspectives’ clients are interested in creating a permanent record of their unique homestead buildings and the people who lived there. To unearth the greatest amount of information possible, most property owners choose to include all three major investigative aspects: architectural analyses, title search and family histories. Through these reports, clients gain a comprehensive knowledge and awareness of how and when their structures were constructed and who lived at their homestead through the years.

Victorian Style Brick House, Lehigh County PA
Circa 1880 Victorian Style Brick House in
Lower Macungie, Lehigh County, PA

Testimonials of House Histories

Joseph Schaefer – Berks County, Pennsylvania, April 2004

“We would like to thank you for the excellent (and) professional work you did for us. Throughout our relationship you were most courteous, prompt and professional. You never hesitated to follow leads we made available or to examine materials. Best of all you accomplished what we could not. You were able to find the missing pieces in our home’s history back to the original land purchase in 1743. We are most pleased with the completeness of your research and the documentation you provided. Lastly, let us say that your work renewed and encouraged our long desire to live in and preserve an historic property. Your research has provided a clearer perspective of much that has gone before us. We now appreciate and respect this wonderful property even more.”

Betty Scandrol – Hunterdon County, New Jersey, October 2002

“We wondered about the age and history of our home and property for many years but we had been guessing. We met Gregory Huber and decided to stop the guessing game. He did a very extensive and thorough research on our home and property filling two volumes of information. This research is interesting and useful and has expanded our appreciation of our home and property. The best comment assured us that our home is 90 to 95% original which is delightful to know.”

Mrs. Shirley Wertman – Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, August 2003

“I was so pleased to learn about the early community in my area near Allentown. Especially surprising was how Past Perspectives was able to determine the age of my late nineteenth-century house by just looking in the attic and basement. Another surprise that the House History revealed were the few number of families that occupied my place in the past 120 years.”

Kit Hower – Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, June 2004

“Past Perspectives was a great find for Blankstone Farm. Many mysteries were solved. I am excited to learn in the second phase of the search (chain of title) that Greg has traced the farm roots back to the early 1700s through his diligence and meticulous work.”

Mrs. Jack Cope – Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, February 2004

"My husband and I have always been intrigued in the history related to the two stone farmhouses we lived in for more than 35 years. I was overwhelmed with the report of our present home from Greg Huber of Past Perspectives for which the land was warranted in June of 1734. Greg was able to present the complete 'Chain of Title' and family histories from that point to the present. The 'Architectural Analysis' and 'Dates of Construction' were incredible; from the nails and beams in the attic that were recycled from a log home that was the first structure on the property to the massive two foot thick lintel of the fireplace in our kitchen area. The findings in the barn (were) just as fascinating and unique. This report is priceless and will be cherished for years to come as we preserve its uniqueness for posterity."

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